Unveiling Fall Gift Delights:

Discover and Save with These Women-Owned Businesses!

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to embrace the festive cheer than by supporting incredible women-owned businesses that offer unique gifts and special discounts?

In my fall gift guide, I’m thrilled to spotlight my favorite women-led enterprise, where you can find exceptional products at discounted prices, making your holiday shopping delightful and budget-friendly.


Stark’s Candles originated from Carmen’s passion for candles, coupled with her dissatisfaction with their rapid burn rate and diminishing scent after the initial use. Through dedicated experimentation, Carmen developed a formula that not only extended the burning duration but also resulted in cleaner candles, granting customers an extended period to relish the captivating scents of their candles.


Bleu d’Olive’s owner Sophie strives to bring her customers a taste of her native France through products that she is passionate and knowledgeable about. She will solve any of your table settings worries with her French table linens expertise and is always keen to provide you with French anecdotes and stories. Her 17-year experience in the business together with her passion for her homeland and her love of human interaction make her the perfect resource for you to recreate this special “French joie de vivre” in your home.


Former Forensic Scientist Laura Alzubi turned soap artist when her 8-year-old son wanted to create soaps for the homeless during the pandemic.
The result was a fulfilling experience which allowed her to pivot her career and create beautiful, natural, and toxin-free products for the skin.
Scrub Studios participates in charitable events and continues to give back to selected charities throughout the year.


So many brides say they can’t believe how quickly their wedding day passed and how sad they were that it was over. Bliss-On believes wedding day bliss isn’t just for the big day but should be carried throughout the wedding journey and beyond. They feel so strongly about this that they named the company Bliss-On.


A husband and wife team that started the company for the love of the game. Taylor Jordan Apparel blends style, comfort, and performance to create a line of apparel that enhances the entire golfing experience. Join the journey of this couple-turned-entrepreneurs as they redefine golf fashion, where love for the game meets exceptional style.


Helen Louise is the artist behind Charming Little Lotus, a jewelry brand that represents her love of nature and philosophy to live a life of meaning and intention. Charming Little Lotus is more than adornment, it is jewelry for women who desire tangible reminders of the strength and beauty that are manifesting in their daily lives.