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Where innovation meets function, fashion and fitness (mental and physical). There are some things that work better together than apart. That is why Arta created Aformi, a fitness brand that focuses on mental fitness as much as physical.

Arta is introducing her brand with an innovative product: The Rollma. The problem is people aren’t able to carry their muscle rollers with them the way they do their mats because they are large and awkward to carry. Most mats don’t stay rolled up, take up a lot of space, are not easy to store, and there aren’t a lot of options for beauty in fitness products such as mats and rollers. Arta is solving this problem by combining two essential fitness accessories making it easy to carry on the go and store away in small spaces while also being functional, convenient, high quality, and beautiful to use in everyday life.

Aformi strives to reinvent the way people see fitness and lead the way for fitness brands to focus on mental fitness as much they do physical.

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