Do you have a vision for your business but struggle to advance your vision because you are consumed working through daily tasks? Insert: Carlyn Bushman Consulting. CBC brings business operations expertise and support to you, a female entrepreneur, so you can work on your business while I work in your business. Through CBC’s customized strategic planning and individualized support, your dreams for your business will become reality.

When working on my handbag business, I realized that I spent 80% (or more) of my time thinking about other’s businesses. Specifically female owned & operated. The more I did this, the more joy I felt seeing their businesses succeed. I continued to learn through the successes and failures of my own business, so they could close the gap on time. This began a beautiful network of like-minded women. This is where the “magic” started.

You have two options within our programs:

  • DWY: Done with you
  • DFY: Done for you

Contact me to explore the difference and what meets your needs.

It can vary greatly. For example, my Single Session Intense Consulting package is a 3-4 hour deep dive into your business, while my C Suite package is a minimum 6 month timeline. However, each business is unique and I work to meet each one where they are, so the needs and timeline vary depending on the client’s vision for growth.

  • Grew email list by 300 in one month
  • Best sales month ever (Nov 2020) 2 clients
  • Best YTD in 13 years of business (2020)
  • Passion project to fully executed new stream of revenue within 6 months (October 2020 – February 2021)