Drink Like A Lady : 10 Part Series

Life After Corporate
Marketing, Management, and Metrics:
The Keys to Consistent Success

I had a great time talking with Deb Boulanger on her podcast, Life After Corporate. One of the many things we discussed was how metrics and dashboards can help entrepreneurs understand the health of their businesses.

Through the Lens:
Quit Beating Yourself Up! Talking through Fear Within Your Business With Carlyn Bushman Consulting

Here are a couple of questions we asked today to get you thinking!
“How can I make my business better?”
“What risk are you willing to take today to move your business forward?”

Authentic Experts:
Consultant Carlyn Bushman Discusses The 4 Pillars For Business Success

Listen as I discuss my dedication to helping women-owned business owners know their financial numbers
and making the process fun!

Keep What You Earn:
Shannon Weinstein

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks and lose sight of our long-term goals. I share the potential negative impacts of not measuring progress and the costs it can have on your business’s growth and success.

Startup in Stilettos
Growing Your Business

In today’s episode, I sit down with Startups in Stilettos and share why I switched business models, what my business looks like today, what helped my business explode, and so much more.

How Valuable is Your Network?

I sit down with Host and Business Coach, Susan Trumpler and discuss how you can be Unstoppable in Business, Relationships, and in Life by placing yourself in the right network.

House Calls:

Dr. Connie shares experiences as not only the White House doctor to three sitting Presidents, but also at her own concierge medical practice.

Interview with Carlyn Bushman, Business Coach

A podcast episode to listen to!

Discover the ideal business to launch through intersecting passion and expertise.

Sociallee Relevant:
The Marketing & PR Podcast

Demystifying Your Marketing for 2023 with Carlyn Bushman. If you have big goals for your business in 2023 (and you totally should), now is the time to make your roadmap of actions that will help you achieve those goals!

“This week, I am thrilled to welcome my friend, Carlyn Bushman, to the podcast! Carlyn is a small business expert who is dedicated to helping women-owned businesses create reliable, sustainable revenue streams, and today she’s sharing her best time management tips with us. Her outstanding tips are going to help you manage your day, block distractions, and boost your productivity so you can take your business to the next level. Tune in now to hear Carlyn Bushman’s awesome advice on making the most out of every day.”

Receive $50 off POP Academy with code in this episode!

Are you ready to start 2022 off strong in your business? Carlyn is opening up POP Academy! “Progress Over Perfection” Academy is a small group coaching that will address the pain points of starting and growing your business! This academy will give you that motivation you need to start 2022 strong!

Whether you are just getting started with your business or you just need guidance on your next move with your business, this podcast is for you.

Want to walk through the Discovery Zone with Carlyn? Tune in to listen as Carlyn gives an in-depth explanation to the worksheet and live instructions to guide you through Discovering your Zone.

“In this episode, we are sharing a live coaching call! Within just a few minutes we discover and “AHA” moment for both of us and learn that talking through business ups and downs with a business coach is a great way to uncover real action steps to apply in your everyday work flow! This episode will also give you a glimpse into what a real call would sound like with Carlyn! This is the voice behind Carlyn Bushman Consulting!”