Unlock Success with Your Quarterly Business Review

A 2-hour deep dive designed to keep your business on track throughout the year.


The CBC Approach

We use our 4-pillar system to take deep dives into your business with the use of fine-tuned skills to create sustainable, reliable growth.


A clear and concise message is mandatory in your marketing. I focus on your company and help you create that message so we can grow your brand through concise messaging.


I truly believe that technology should work for you NOT you working for technology. I take those frustrations and solve them for you so you can work on your business.


You don’t have a business if you don’t know your numbers. I help you learn your numbers so you have the tools to make GREAT decisions in your company. Growth comes in knowing those numbers.


Managing all aspects of a business can be overwhelming as you grow. I am able to step in and manage your staff, your contractors, and your sales representatives. Setting clear and defined goals for each member of your team is crucial to growing a healthy and successful company.

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Quarterly Business Review

Your QBR is more than a review;

it’s a collaborative space where we review your achievements, set new goals, and empower your business to thrive each quarter.

Marketing Planning Sessions

Revamp your marketing in just 75 minutes!

Join Sarah, our expert strategist, for personalized guidance on launching products, optimizing sales, refining social media, and mastering email campaigns

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“I want every woman to have an opportunity to pursue her dream of creating her own revenue stream(s).”

-Carlyn Bushman

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