June: The month of Connection & Collaboration

June is the month of connection & collaboration, and if you know me, you know I love a good podcast! So, I thought what better way to kick off the month of collaboration than sharing our go-to podcasts?! I’ve compiled a list of my current favorites ranging from a quick daily listen on the latest business news to more in-depth podcasts that may call for some note taking.

First, there are a few things I take into consideration when listening to podcasts on a regular basis:

  • What feeds my soul today?
  • Will I be driving (can’t write things down) or will I be at a place where I could write some notes?
  • How long is the episode? This helps me schedule appropriate time.
  • Will I want to share this episode with a friend, family member, teammate?

“Plant good seeds in your head.”

  1. RobinHood Snacks (15-18 minutes/episode) : This daily drop gives me the business news every morning. I love a quick recap of the top three stories, and they always have a helpful nugget or piece of information I can wrap into my conversations throughout the day.<
  2. Liberty for Her (45-60 minutes/episode) : Nada Jones interviews fabulous female entrepreneurs and digs into where they are today, where they have been, and where they look to grow. She spends time listening to her guests and giving valuable information to her audience through her show notes. In addition, she has a free network on her website that promotes the growth of female entrepreneurs at any stage of their career. She recently had an episode addressing starting new businesses at any age. Episode #106 interviews Nan Simonsen and her new business at age 70.
  3. Through the Lens (30 – 40 minutes/episode): Tammy Zelez is a branding photographer and see things “through her lens” that others don’t. She explores this through her “very real” conversations with small businesses and talks “real life” issues when starting your own business. She recently had an episode (#30) where she addresses collaboration. She truly walks the talk as she promotes small businesses through her podcast. Looking to make moves in your business? Episode #29 is thought provoking as you are considering launching your business and Episode #13 give 4 Key Action Items you can implement into your business today.
  4. Business Made Simple (23-30 minutes/episode): Don Miller and team provide real-time actionable items throughout their interviews. Plan on taking a few notes during this podcast. They make it easy to implement immediately.
  5. The Unstoppable Woman (30-40 minutes/episode): Amira Alvarez walks you through each chapter of remarkable business books in addition to providing a “coaching uncut” series where you can hear her coaching calls and the impact she is making with her clients.

  6. On Purpose (60-90 minutes/episode): Jay Shetty needs no introduction. He covers a multitude of topics as he approaches life and business with a mindset for success. He defines success in many ways throughout his episodes and gives his audience clear, actionable approaches to daily living.

  7. House Calls by Dr. Connie Mariano (45-55 minutes/episode): Dr. Mariano, former White House Physician, addresses secrets of healthy living, choosing the right partner, and building successful habits. All of this sprinkled with humor and birthday shout-outs. Recently, I was fortunate to be a guest on this podcast that runs “live” once a month. Episode dated May 20, 2021.

Have a podcast or know of one that works to empower women where Carlyn Bushman Consulting may fit in nicely? I’d love to hear!

In finding and listening to podcasts, a good rule of thumb: switch it up!

I would love to hear some of your go-to podcasts in the comments below! Then we can all reference back when we are looking for a good, new listen!