Increase your self-awareness in the new year with these 6 tips

At the start of every new year, there is this undeniable desire to lean into becoming an upgraded version of ourselves. We’ve got our pens out and are quickly scribbling goals and affirmations to achieve those goals. We’ve got our planners all set with new workouts, and we vow to eat healthier since last year didn’t go so well. We literally feel for the first time, well, since last January, that we’ve got it all figured out.

So, why doesn’t it stick?

Well, I’m going to get real with you. You didn’t shed the fat. No, not the literal kind. You didn’t leave the baggage behind. I’m not knocking you, because I’ve done it too; we all have. We all go into the new year, or a new season of life that we so desire, carrying the junk from the last season. And so guess what, yet again doesn’t go the way we planned. We feel like failures, we beat ourselves up, and we fall back into old habits before our new ones even have a chance to take full shape.

But, you’re in luck. Because I can help you.

Why your new habits don’t stick.
It’s easy to live our lives on autopilot, each day waking up and doing the same thing over and over again. But taking the time or even recognizing what daily activities don’t serve us is key when working towards being our best selves. Awareness of whether certain activities make us feel good, or not, is helpful when deciding what gets to come with us into the new year and what needs to stay behind. The more baggage we bring, the less likely it is that our higher selves will be achieved.

What does it look like to let go of the baggage? Here are a few ways to know what you need to release:

  • You dread doing it.
  • You just “know”. You feel it’s time to let it go.
  • It no longer brings you happiness or joy.
  • You think about a life without it.
  • It makes you feel bad about yourself.

How to shed bad habits.

Bad habits are what stand in the way of who you are today and who you want to be tomorrow. Again, getting clear on who you want to be in the new year will help you take an inventory of what behaviors need to go and what actions you want to keep. To shed old, bad habits, I recommend taking the wisdom of James Clear’s habit laws in reverse: Make it hard. Make it undesirable.

For example, if you’re trying to watch less TV in the new year so you can write your book, you can make it hard by having someone in your family hide the remote so you can only watch TV for family time. Or, to take it a step further, he suggests you take the TV off the wall and store it in a closet. Obviously, this makes it really hard to just plop down on the couch and soak in some shows. Depending on your level of commitment and desire, each of these is a good option for watching less TV so you can spend that time working on writing your book, rather than bingeing a season of the latest Netflix hit.

How to build new habits.
Ok, if you’re not quite sold on hiding the TV each time you watch it, what can you do? To build on or create new good habits for the new year, James Clear says to make it easy and make it satisfying. Instead of hiding the remote and taking the TV off the wall, you can use it as a reward. For example, you can watch your favorite show or listen to a podcast, but only if you’re moving your body. Maybe you go for a run on the treadmill so you can put your favorite show on. Or maybe you’re on a walk outside so you can tune into your favorite podcast. And yes, even if your TV is on in your living room, you can still do weights, situps, and move your body in a positive way, while watching your favorite show, as long as you stay committed and don’t get too distracted. The goal here is to attach moving your body to a satisfying reward, watching TV. Combining the two is a way to satisfy your most desired outcome, entertainment. Now, you’ll have time to write that book.

  • 1. Repair broken but desired relationships.

    If there’s someone you need to apologize to, do it. Take responsibility for your actions and make an apology. It’ll be a weight lifted from your shoulders. It may not repair the relationship, but it will help you find closure and feel better about moving on.

  • 2. Audit your boundaries and set new ones.

    Take a look at the people who have access to you. Do they make you happy, sad, anxious, scared, loved, etc.? If they bring up negative emotions, it’s time to set boundaries or say goodbye.

  • 3. Build a daily gratitude practice.

    No one gets to the top without being grateful for the journey. You are on your journey. Be grateful for who and what experiences have come before you and for the opportunities that are ahead. Need some extra support? Snag this amazing Gratitude Journal.

  • 4. Create a workout plan you can stick to.

    Don’t sign up for a half marathon only to know deep down you are never going to do it. Instead, start small with short daily actions. A 15-minute daily walk outside is better than nothing.

  • 5. Get rid of the clutter.

    A cluttered space equals a cluttered mind. Organized chaos may work for some, but I’m talking about the 1%. Before the new year, get rid of things you don’t need and create places for the things you do need—in an organized fashion. This includes your physical space and your laptop, desktop, files, etc. You’ll feel much better after you clear the clutter.

  • 6. Set a goal that has nothing to do with you.

    Smile at everyone you walk by. Pay for a stranger’s coffee. Tip 25% even if the service was just ok. Donate two hours of your time each month to a cause you care about. The point is, this life isn’t always about you; it’s also about how you serve.

You change just like the seasons. If you feel this is your time, your year to create that best life you keep dreaming about, do everything you can to protect it.

Let go of what’s not serving you; release it from your body, and grab hold of the habits that will help get you to the level you know you are destined to reach.

I know 2023 is going to be your year!
Tell me how it’s going and drop me a DM to share all your wins! I am here cheering you on with the biggest smile.
All my best this 2023 year.